Mille Miglia Siena

Mille Miglia race to pass from Siena in 2023

It’s official: the Mille Miglia will stop in Siena again in 2023. The city council has authorized the cars to pass through the picturesque setting of Piazza del Campo next June 15, 2023.

In addition, the city council has approved the free use of some important locations in the historic center, such as the Sala delle Lupe in Palazzo Pubblico, the Cortile del PodestĂ , and the Tartarugone in Piazza del Mercato, for the organization of the lunch that will be offered to participants at the end of the stage.

“The historic race contested from 1921 to 1957,” commented Tourism and Commerce Councillor Stefania Fattorini, “considered the ‘most beautiful race in the world’ for its ability to combine tradition, elegance, and scenic beauty, and which has always seen the passage from Siena included in its itinerary, thus confirms itself as a fixed appointment for our city. We could not interrupt this tradition with an event that every year, sees the participation of cars and crews from all over the world, involving a large number of enthusiasts and others, and which, thanks to national and international media coverage, allows us to export our city.”

Mille Miglia: the Iconic Italian Race

Described by Enzo Ferrari himself as “the most beautiful race in the world,” the Mille Miglia is a vintage car race. Originating in 1927, it was discontinued for twenty years from 1957 to 1977. Participation is limited to cars produced no later than 1957.

Only those models of the cars of which at least one example has taken part in or completed an edition of the 1000 Miglia that was held from 1927 to 1957 and is registered with the 1000 Miglia Registry may participate in the 1000 Miglia.

The race begins and ends in Brescia and is divided into five stages for as many days. It will pass through Siena on the third day, Thursday, June 15, and then continue on to Pistoia and the Abetone Pass, also in Tuscany, before heading back up to Emilia Romagna (you can check the complete schedule on the official website).

Cover Photo: mab14464 / YouTube