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10 Best Beaches in Tuscany To Visit

Are you looking for beaches in Tuscany? This Italian region is so well known to the world for its natural beauty, history, culture, and all the interest it arouses in people that we often forget that it is also a land bathed by the sea, which numbers so

Mille Miglia race to pass from Siena in 2023

It’s official: the Mille Miglia will stop in Siena again in 2023. The city council has authorized the cars to pass through the picturesque setting of Piazza del Campo next June 15, 2023. In addition, the city council has approved the free use of some important locations in

Tuscany’s Saturnia Hot Springs: Relaxation and Wellness

Saturnia Hot Springs are a favorite destination for tourists to visit in Tuscany. They are located in Manciano, in the province of Grosseto: it is a thermal spring named as a closed homonymous town about 15 kilometers north of the center of Manciano. A place of relaxation and

Cavallucci: A Traditional Tuscan Cookie Recipe

Cavallucci Toscani, also called Cavallucci di Siena, are a beloved treat in the Tuscan city, especially during Christmas. While their looks may not impress, their taste will undoubtedly win you over. Today, we’ll delve into the history and recipe of this scrumptious dessert. Cavallucci di Siena: its story

Siena Cathedral: A Masterpiece of Italian Architecture

Siena Cathedral is undoubtedly one of the top attractions to visit when you’re in Tuscan city. Constructed in the Italian Romanesque-Gothic style, it stands out as one of the most notable examples of this style of architecture in Italy. Although the building was never completed due to the

10 Celebrities With Properties or Homes in Tuscany

Have you ever thought about buying a house or a property in Tuscany? This breathtakingly beautiful part of Italy is famous for its enchanting scenery, fascinating history, world-class wines, and vibrant art scene. Located right in the heart of the country, Tuscany’s capital city is the renowned Florence.

Explore Italy’s Largest Antiques Fair in Arezzo

In the heart of Tuscany, there’s a part of Etruria that lives on. Arezzo, a city with a rich Etruscan heritage, has inherited its passion and skill for working with gold, earning it the nickname “City of Gold“. This has led to a thriving antiques industry as well.

The Timeless Art of Dry Stone Walling: History, Use and the Unesco Recognition

Dry stone walls are a common feature throughout Europe, particularly in Tuscany, where they can be found in various locations ranging from Chianti to Valdarno. In Valdarno, these walls were constructed to cultivate arable land and have since been recognized and protected by UNESCO. These walls are collectively

Piazza del Campo in Siena: A Guide to the 5 Must-See Sights

Siena is undoubtedly one of the best cities to live in Italy, and if you’re visiting Tuscany, there’s one place you simply cannot miss: Piazza del Campo. It has a rich history, particularly known for the thrilling horse race known as the “Palio di Siena,” which takes place