Arezzo Antiques Fair

Explore Italy’s Largest Antiques Fair in Arezzo

In the heart of Tuscany, there’s a part of Etruria that lives on. Arezzo, a city with a rich Etruscan heritage, has inherited its passion and skill for working with gold, earning it the nickname “City of Gold“. This has led to a thriving antiques industry as well.

The Arezzo Antiques Fair was first opened on June 2, 1968, in Piazza Grande on Republic Day. Its creation and organization were inspired by the well-known open-air markets of Portobello in London and the Flea Market in Paris and were first organized by Arezzo antiquarian Ivan Bruschi. The fair has since revitalized the upper part of the city, which had been marginalized and partially destroyed during World War II. In fact, Piazza Grande had even lost its historic Saturday fruit and vegetable market by the early 1960s.

This fair, now Italy’s oldest and most significant, owes its success to Bruschi’s visionary instincts.

Arezzo Antiques Fair, the largest antique market in Italy

The Arezzo Antiques Fair attracts collectors and enthusiasts from around the world. It is a haven for antique collectors, as they can stroll through stalls and be surprised at every turn. It offers a journey through time, showcasing rare and unique pieces of art, prints, books, and even sacred objects, military memorabilia, musical and scientific instruments, toys, furniture, and jewelry from past centuries.

Here, you can indulge in your passions and find that one-of-a-kind object that captures your heart. Whether you are into antiques, modern antiques, vintage or quality craftsmanship, the fair offers something for everyone. As you dance your way through the fair, you’ll find that special piece that tells your story and becomes a part of your home and your life.

In recent years, the organizers of the fair have extended their offerings to include modern antiques, recognizing the evolving tastes of their visitors. The decision to expand the fair from the Piazza Grande, Piazza Vasari to the entire historic center of Arezzo was made in response to the growing interest in the fair’s offerings from its more than 4,000 exhibitors. The pandemic also played a role in this decision, as it necessitated social distancing and wider spaces for all mass activities. As a result, the Arezzo Antiques Fair has become the largest antiques fair in the world.

The Arezzo Antiques Fair is a highly anticipated event that takes place on the first Sunday of every month, along with the preceding Saturday. You can find the complete schedule on the official website.

How to arrive in Arezzo from Florence and Siena

Arezzo is a historic city located in the central part of Tuscany, Italy, known for its rich cultural heritage and as the birthplace of several famous artists. It is the fourth most densely populated city in the region and was ranked as the 37th best Italian city for quality of life in 2022 according to Il Sole 24 ore. Its history dates back to pre-Etruscan times, and evidence of prehistoric settlements has been found in the area. Notable artists hailing from Arezzo include Francesco Petrarca, Giorgio Vasari, Guido d’Arezzo, Guittone d’Arezzo, and Cenne della Chitarra. Arezzo is situated on the northern side of the Valdichiana area.

To drive here from Florence, take the A1; the SS73 heads west to Siena.
If you are coming from Siena, you will first have to take the SS73 (also called the Siena-Bettolle junction), which will connect you to the Autostrada del Sole, and then continue north (towards Bologna or Milan) and exit at Arezzo

Road distances from Arezzo: Cortona 29 km; Florence 74 km; Siena 89 km; Perugia 92 km; Rome 218 km.

Cover Photo: Fiera Antiquaria di Arezzo